120.The Renaissance

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01.Beowulf, a typical example of Old English poetry, is regarded today as the national epic of the Anglo-Saxons.

02.Romance which uses narrative verse or prose to sing knightly adventures or other heroic deeds is a popular literary form in the medieval period.

3.However, it is Chaucer alone who, for the first time in English lierature, presented to us a comprehensive realistic picture of the English society of his time and created a whole gallery of vivid characters from all walks of life in his masterpiece The Canterbury Tales.

4.Edmund Spenser paid tribute to him as his master, many of Shakespeare's plays show thorough assimilation of Chaucer's comic spirit.

5.The Renaissance marks a transition from the medieval to the modern world. Generally, it refers to the period between the 14th and mid-17th centuries. It first started in Italy, with the flowering of painting, sculpture and literature. From Italy the movement went to embrace the rest of Europe.

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