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1.Flight number 457 from Beijing now arriving.


2.Oh,my God! Oh,my God! Excuse me.

天啊 借过


借过 有急事 拜托

Excuse me,excuse me.

借过 借过

3.Rache! There you are!

瑞秋 你们在那里啊

4.So,so. How was China? You!

所以 中国怎么样 老兄

5.It was great. What happened? What?

很棒 你怎么了 什么

6.You're bleeding. I am? Oh,my god!

你在流血 是吗 天呐

7.Oh,look at that! Yes,I am.

还真是 我是在流血

8.Enough about me,enough about me,Mr. Back From The Orient!

别管我了 别管我了 游过东方的旅人

9.Come on,I wanna hear everything! Everything!

我要听所有的事情 全部事情

10.Well,where do I start?


11.This is Julie. Julie,this is Rachel.

这位事朱莉 朱莉 这位是瑞秋

12.These are. These aren't for you. These are for you.

这些 这些不是给你的 这些是给你的

13.Welcome to our country. Thank you. I'm from New York.

欢迎来到我们国家 谢谢 我是纽约人

14.No problem. We'll use them to stop the bleeding.

没关系 那我用它来止血

15.OK. Baggage claim? OK OK

好了 去拿行李吧 好 好

16.I'm telling you. She went to the airport,and she's gonna go for it with Ross.

她去了机场 准备和罗斯表白了

17.Oh,my God! This is huge! This is bigger than huge. This is.

天哪 这是大事 真是天大的事 真是

18.All right, what's bigger than huge?


19.This? Yes. Guys,you got new haircuts!

兄弟 你们剪头发了

20.Yes,wo did. Thanks to Vidal Buffay.

是的 布菲美发大师的杰作

21.Because,you know,If you don't look good,we don't look good.

你们也知道 你不好看 我们也没面子

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